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This Twisted Tale
Published on Thursday, 25 August 2011

3 stars

Leith on the Fringe @ Out of the Blue Drill Hall (venue website)
3-14, 16-21, 23-28 Aug, 4:00pm-4:55pm
Reviewed by Alice de Cent

 Recommended for age 14+ only.

This Twisted Tale is a modern fairytale about Chloe – a little girl with a thirst for storytelling – and her adventures with the mysterious Luce. Featuring shadow puppetry, aerial acrobatics and animation, the story follows Chloe as she changes from a child into a woman.

Created by San Francisco’s Paper Doll Millitia, the show is inventively staged – the playground-style set becoming a platform for some absorbing and exciting aerial feats. Visually exceptional throughout, the combination of animation and live, life-size shadow puppetry is a particular highlight.

The script and its delivery are less successful, lacking the sophistication of the impressive physical work. The adult nature of some of the language also unfortunately excludes much of the show’s prime audience. Essentially the tale of a girl coming of age, it is a shame that it is currently rated as unsuitable for young teens.

The subject of storytelling being so integral to the piece, more development is perhaps needed to truly craft a narrative that is as captivating as the acrobatics. Though the tale is easily accessible, it sometimes felt a little disconnected from the gymnastic spectacles.

This Twisted Tale is an imaginative show that features some stunning displays of circus-like acrobatics. The narrative is a little uneven, but the visuals are admirably inventive.

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